Ebbies World


Ebbie and her family discover Lovebug, their cuddly cat, is missing and in peril. They know they must find him and bring him home! 

Join Ebbie Ann, a sweet, loving and slightly dimwitted Labrador, along with her brilliant brother Taz, an Australian Shepherd, and their family on their mysterious journey to find their beloved brother Lovebug. Along the way, Ebbie will share hilarious stories of the twists and turns their family has taken since Mom found her as a pup. 

Throughout the story you will decipher clues and read a map. See if you are an astute detective, like Taz. Can you figure out where Lovebug is? Will he be found in time? 

Follow and laugh with Ebbie and her pals as they hunt for their new brother, Lovebug in “Ebbie's World, The Case of the Missing Cat.”

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